Israel Palestine Conflict Latest Updates Hamas Al Qassam Brigades claims killed two Israeli hostages in Airstrikes

Israel-Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. Meanwhile, the most dreaded armed wing of Hamas, ‘Al Qassam’ Brigade, claimed on the Telegram channel on Sunday (February 11) that Israeli attacks are being carried out on the Gaza Strip for the last 96 hours. It has also been claimed that two Israeli hostages were killed and 8 others were seriously injured in these attacks.

According to news agency Reuters, the brigade also said in its statement regarding the remaining hostages that it was inconvenient to provide them better treatment. Due to lack of proper treatment, his condition is getting worse. The Hamas Brigade has also claimed that it has taken full responsibility for the lives of the people injured due to Israel’s continuous bombing.

Hamas carried out rocket attacks on southern Israel

According to Israeli figures, Hamas fighters launched a series of rocket attacks on southern Israel on October 7 last year, in which 1,200 people were killed and at least 250 people were kidnapped. According to data from the Hamas-run Health Ministry, Israel retaliated by launching a military attack on the Gaza Strip, killing more than 28,000 Palestinians.

Al-Qassam fought many big wars with Israel

The military brigade of Hamas is also known as Izz al-Din al-Qassam, which was established in the year 1991. It is considered the largest military group active in Gaza. It has also fought many major wars against Israel.

Still 136 hostages in Gaza – Israel claims

According to media reports, there was a week-long ceasefire in November to release the hostages taken by both sides during the Israel-Hamas war. During this ceasefire signed in late November 2023, Hamas released more than 100 Israeli and foreign hostages. At the same time, 240 Palestinian prisoners taken hostage by Israel were released. Israel claims that 136 hostages are still being held in Gaza.

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