Israel Hamas War Report Says Israel Is Planning To Kill Hamas Leaders Worldwide

Israel-Hamas War Update: After a week-long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the war started again on Friday. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered intelligence agencies to find and kill Hamas leaders. According to the report of American newspaper Wall Street Journal, Netanyahu has asked intelligence agencies to search and kill Hamas leaders not only in Gaza but around the world.

After this order, Israeli intelligence agencies are working on plans to fulfill the order. It may take them up to a year to complete it. The WSJ report quoted officials as saying that intelligence agencies are planning to kill Hamas leaders in Turkey, Lebanon and Qatar.

Most of the leaders live in Qatar

It is believed that many Hamas leaders live in Qatar. Ismail Haniye, the political chief of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas and known as the butcher of Khan Younis, also lives in Qatar. Hamas also has a political office in Qatar. This office was opened in the year 2013, when America made every effort to close it. Qatar has also played a key role in bringing about a seven-day ceasefire in Gaza, due to which Hamas has released more than 100 hostages from Gaza.

‘Hamas leaders living a borrowed life’

The American newspaper writes that Netanyahu has asked intelligence officers to carry out this work secretly. However, on November 22, Netanyahu had publicly said something similar. He had said that he had ordered Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to kill Hamas leaders. When Netanyahu was saying all this, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant was standing with him. He had said, Hamas leaders are living a borrowed life, their death has been decided.

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