Israel Hamas War Israeli Defense Forces Claims 55 Meter Tunnel Beneath Al Shifa Hospital | Israel claimed to have found a 55 meter long tunnel in Al-Shifa, Hamas said

Israel Hamas War: Israel has accused Hamas of holding a soldier and two foreign hostages in a 55-meter tunnel beneath Al-Shifa hospital. The Israeli army posted a video, in which a tunnel was shown. The army claimed that a tunnel up to 10 meters deep was dug beneath the compound of Al-Shifa.

Last week, Israel captured Al-Shifa hospital, after which the Israeli army searched several buildings of the hospital and presented many alleged evidences and claimed that Hamas fighters operated in the bunker under the hospital. Were staying.

‘We did not build any tunnel in Al-Shifa’

According to news agency Reuters, Hamas has admitted that it has built hundreds of kilometers long tunnels throughout Gaza. Hamas said that it admits that it has a network of tunnels, bunkers and access shafts but that it has not built any tunnels inside al-Shifa.

Israel is searching for hostages

The Israeli army is searching for all its citizens in Al-Shifa hospital, which was abducted by Hamas after the October 7 attack. Recently the Israeli army found the body of a hostage woman near Al-Shifa. Israel claimed that the woman’s name was Noa Marciano and she was a soldier of the Israeli army. Although Hamas has denied Israel’s allegations, it said that Noah Marciano died as a result of Israeli strikes.

On Noa’s death, the army said, “Noa was murdered by a Hamas terrorist in Al-Shifa hospital. The Israeli army will take care of Marciano’s family. We are making every possible effort to bring back the hostages. “

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