Israel Hamas War Israel Says It Called Off Truce Talks In Qatar Ordered Negotiating Team To Return | Israel Hamas War: Another blow to the hopes of ceasefire in Gaza, Israel calls back hostage negotiation team from Qatar

Israel Palestine Conflict: Hopes of re-establishing a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas have been dealt a blow. Israel has said that it is withdrawing its team from Doha, while a Palestinian official familiar with the developments has also said that the ceasefire talks have completely stalled.

Bombs are being fired again in Gaza by the Israeli army, while rockets are being fired from Gaza towards Israel. According to news agency AFP, Hamas has said that 240 people have been killed in Israeli attacks since the end of the ceasefire in northern Gaza in the early hours of Friday (December 1).

Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas stalled

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was mediated by Qatar, which was supported by the US and Egypt. On Saturday (December 2), Israel said it was withdrawing its negotiators from Doha after talks aimed at a fresh ceasefire reached a deadlock.

“Following a deadlock in negotiations and on the instructions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mossad chief David Barnia has ordered his team in Doha to return to Israel,” the Israeli leader’s office said.

According to the BBC report, a Palestinian official familiar with the ceasefire efforts has said that the talks have completely stalled and there is currently no contact or effort to reach a humanitarian ceasefire. At the same time, both sides have accused each other of ending the ceasefire.

Emmanuel Macron to visit Qatar to seek ceasefire

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has appealed to intensify efforts to reach a permanent ceasefire to release all hostages. Also said that he will visit Qatar. Macron, speaking at the COP28 summit, said he would travel to Qatar to seek a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

He said that it is also important for the people of Gaza to get the assistance they urgently need. Macron also said that Israel’s objective to completely destroy Hamas needs to be made clear because this could lead to a ten-year war.

Heaviest bombardment in Khan Yunis since the start of the war – Gazans claim

The Israeli army said it hit more than 400 targets overnight, including the southern Khan Yunis area, where thousands of civilians were evacuated last month, Al Jazeera reported.

The report said that after the end of a week-long ceasefire, Israel has resumed its bombing of Gaza, targeting the entire area.

According to the BBC, residents of Khan Yunis say the southern city has seen the heaviest bombardment since the beginning of the war. People in the eastern areas of the city have been asked by the Israeli army to move to Rafah in the south.

According to Al Jazeera, at least 15,207 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since October 7. The official death toll in Israel is around 1,200.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is disappointing

Aid agencies say the humanitarian situation in Gaza remains disappointing. People are struggling to survive amid shortage of basic supplies including food and water. Hospitals are overcrowded, working with limited resources. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent has said that the first batch of aid trucks has entered Gaza after the end of the ceasefire.

International and humanitarian law must be respected- Kamala Harris

According to BBC report, US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas but international and humanitarian law should be respected. A few hours before this, during her meeting with Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi on the sidelines of the COP28 climate summit, Kamala Harris had said that America will not allow forced relocation of Palestinians.

Harris said Israel should do more to protect civilians and that too many Palestinians have been killed. “Therefore, we all want this conflict to end as soon as possible and Israel’s security, as well as the security of the Palestinian people, be ensured,” he said. We must accelerate efforts to bring lasting peace.

How many hostages have been released from the clutches of Hamas so far?

During a week-long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Hamas released 110 people. He was taken hostage by Hamas during its attack on October 7. At the same time, under the agreement, 240 Palestinian prisoners were also released from Israeli jails.

Of the hostages released by Hamas, 78 were Israeli women and children, while three Russian-Israelis, two women and a man not involved in the deal, were also freed. At the same time, under a separate agreement between Hamas and the Thai government, 23 Thai hostages and one Filipino hostage were also released.

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