Israel Hamas War Benjamin Netanyahu says criticizing calls for Israel to avoid carrying out military offensive inside Rafah

Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel-Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas is still going on. Israel is now preparing to launch a military attack in Rafah, the southern city of Gaza. Israel is also being advised to reconsider such a decision. To which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a befitting reply. PM Netanyahu claimed that those who are saying such things are busy helping Hamas after the decision of ‘military operations’ in Rafah city.

Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear during an interview that he is not going to back down from such a call. The Israeli Prime Minister has made it clear that there is no scope for retreat from the decision of ‘military operations’ in Rafah. Battalions will be provided in Rafah to deal with Hamas. The PM has claimed that we are very close to victory in the war with Hamas.

‘There is pressure on Israel not to enter Rafah’

PM Netanyahu also made strong remarks against those who said that Israel should not ‘enter’ Rafah under any circumstances. The Israeli PM said that what he meant to say is that lose the war and let Hamas remain in its place. Prime Minister Benjamin while agreeing with America also said that ‘safe passage’ will be provided to the civilian population so that they can leave from there. Can be evacuated safely.

‘Every effort is being made to protect people from any kind of harm’

Israel’s PM has strongly criticized the call in which it is being advised not to launch a military attack in Rafah. Netanyahu has claimed that he is close to victory. Also stressed that entering Rafah is part of our war effort to protect people from any kind of harm but Hamas wants to keep them in a place of harm, this is part of its effort.

One million Palestinians left Rafah after Hamas conflict

With the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7 last year, more than 1 million Palestinians moved to Rafah, the southern city of Gaza. After this, Benjamin Netanyahu’s office now says that the Israeli army has been ordered to make a plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah before the expected ground attack.

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