Iran Backed Houthi Militants Hijack India-bound Cargo Ship In Red Sea Video Goes Viral

Houthi Hijacked Ship: The Yemen-based Houthi terrorist group released a video footage on Monday (20 November). It was claimed through the video that its armed men seized an Israeli-linked cargo ship heading towards India in the Red Sea on Sunday (November 19). For this, he brought a helicopter over the ship and dropped the armed people from it.

According to HT report, the video footage of hijacking of the cargo ship was released by Houthi TV channel Al Masirah. However, Israel said that the seized Galaxy Leader ship was British-owned and operated by a Japanese company. It is shown in the video that about 10 armed people were landed on the deck of the ship with the help of a helicopter. The video shows armed men threatening the crew members.

The entire incident was captured on camera
As soon as the people of the Houthi terrorist group landed on the deck of the ship from the helicopter, they took their respective positions and slowly moved forward and started threatening the people present on the ship. He directed people to raise their hands while raising slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar.

Let us tell you that a total of 25 people were present on the ship, who have been captured by the Houthis. These include people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Philippines and Mexico and many other countries. Israel has directly held Iran responsible for the hijacking of this ship.

Armed fighters have shot the entire incident through head camera, in which they are seen going to every part of the ship and arresting people. The ship’s owner issued a statement on this matter saying that on November 19, the ship was hijacked by the Houthi terrorist group, which is now present in the Hodeidah port area in Yemen.

America grossly violated the agreement
The US condemned the seizure of the Galaxy Leader ship as a violation of international law and demanded the immediate release of the ship and its crew. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a briefing that the Houthis’ seizure of the motor ship Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea is a gross violation of international law. We demand the immediate release of the ship and its crew and we will consult with our allies and UN partners for appropriate steps.

Houthi threatened Israel
Iran-backed Houthi militants said they hijacked the ship because of its ties to Israel. They will continue to target ships in international waters that may be associated with Israel until the end of Israel’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza. Mohammed Abdul-Salam, the Houthi’s chief negotiator and spokesman, later said in an online statement that the Israelis only understand the language of force.

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