Iran announces 15 day visa free policy for Indian tourists know everyhing

Iran announces 15 day visa free policy: Good news has come from Iran for Indian tourists. The Iranian Embassy said in a statement that Tehran has announced a 15-day visa-free policy for Indian tourists visiting the country. This rule will come into effect from 4th February. With the implementation of this policy, Indian tourists will no longer need a visa to visit Iran.

“Persons holding ordinary passports will be allowed to enter Iran without a visa once every six months, with a maximum stay of 15 days,” the embassy said in a statement. The embassy statement clarified that it is important to note that the period of 15 days cannot be extended. Visa-free entry applies only to persons entering Iran for tourism purposes.’

Let us tell you that Indians still going to Iran for business or educational purposes will have to apply for visa under the respective categories. People who wish to visit Iran more than once within a six-month time period must obtain a visa.

The embassy has said that visa-free entry will be applicable only to those Indian tourists who will reach Iran by air. Those coming to Iran by land via Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any neighboring country will not be allowed to enter without prior visa.

Iran has now joined the list of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, which have recently abolished the visa requirement for Indian visitors.

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