iPhone 16 could come with underwater mode user can click photos and video under 40 meter depth water

iPhone 16 Series: iPhone users are always waiting for some new and unique features. iPhone manufacturing company Apple always keeps offering unique features to attract its loyal users towards its expensive devices. This time Apple is working on a special feature, the patent design of which has been revealed.

iPhone will work underwater

Actually, Apple wants to provide underwater mode in iPhone. After the arrival of this special feature, users will be able to use their iPhone even under deep water. However, it has not been confirmed yet with which iPhone series the company will introduce this special feature, but some reports in the media believe that Apple will introduce this underwater feature in the new iPhone 16 series coming in 2024. Is going to give mode. Let us tell you the special features of this feature.

Users will get Underwater Mode in iPhone, will be able to capture photos and videos even in 40 meter deep water.

The latest page number 78 of the patent of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been revealed. Looking at this patent, it is clear how the phone can work even under water. In this patent, the interface of iPhone can be seen under water. However, information has been given through this patent that the operating system of the iPhone is still not capable enough to run a wet iPhone. To overcome this shortcoming, underwater interface will be used. Streamline menus and large hardware buttons will be used more in this interface.

Camera will work with volume rocker button

If we understand this thing in simple language, then users will be able to use the upcoming iPhone even under water. To use them underwater, they will have to turn on the underwater mode in the phone, after which users will be able to use the camera underwater, and for that they will have to use the volume rocker button instead of touching the screen. Similarly, by using the volume rocker or other buttons of the phone, users will be able to record high quality photos and videos from the iPhone even under deep water.

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