India Canada Conflict Trudeau’s Party Split Into Two Factions MP Says Terrorism Is Glorified In The Name Of Freedom Of Expression | Liberal Party divided into two factions after Trudeau’s statement, MP said

India Canada Conflict: Amidst the India-China tension, an MP from Trudeau’s party made such a statement, after which the Canadian Prime Minister’s Liberal Party got divided into two factions. In fact, Liberal Party’s Hindu MP Chandra Arya said that a large section of Sikhs does not support the Khalistan movement. He said, ‘The vast majority of our Canadian Sikh brothers and sisters do not support the Khalistan movement.’

This statement has come at a time when a section of Sikh MPs led by Sukh Dhaliwal of the Liberal Party is alleging ‘excesses’ against the Sikh community in India.

‘Khalistani organization is creating rift between Hindus and Sikhs’

According to the Times of India, Chandra Arya accused Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the separatist organization Sikh for Justice of trying to instigate Canadian Hindus to return to India through a hate video and to create conflict between the Hindu and Sikh communities in Canada. Is creating a rift between.

Condemning PM Trudeau and his own party’s government, Arya tweeted, “I don’t understand how glorifying terrorism or targeting a religious group can be allowed to be a hate crime in the name of freedom of speech and expression.” Granted, there would be outrage in Canada if a white supremacist attacked any group of ethnic Canadians, but apparently this Khalistani leader gets away with this hate crime.

On the other hand, his party’s MP Sukh Dhaliwal claimed in Parliament that he was denied an Indian visa for speaking out against “atrocities against Sikhs” in India, which he called “so-called democracy”. “The (Indian) government intimidates our Parliament, forget about the public,” Dhaliwal said in the Canadian Parliament. Along with this, Dhaliwal called upon all parties to criticize India.

Arya said that most Canadian Sikhs may not publicly criticize the Khalistan movement for a variety of reasons, but they are deeply connected to the Canadian Hindu community “through family ties and shared social and cultural ties.”

He further advised Canadian Hindus to remain vigilant and “report any incidents of Hinduphobia to local law-enforcement agencies.”

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