IND Vs AUS India Lost Final Match Celebration In Dhaka University Bangladesh World Cup 2023 Final

India vs Australia, Final WC 2023: India was defeated by Australia in the final of World Cup 2023. Crores of fans of Team India were very sad due to this defeat. A video has been shared on social media, in which it is being claimed that India’s defeat has been celebrated in Bangladesh. It is difficult to say how much truth is there in this video. Australia captured the title by defeating Team India by 6 wickets in the final.

Actually the final match of the World Cup was played in Ahmedabad. In this, India had to face a one-sided defeat. Team India tried its best to stay in the game. But this could not happen for long. India had to lose the title after losing. A video has been shared on Instagram, in which it is being claimed that India’s defeat has been celebrated in Dhaka University of Bangladesh. A large number of people are seen in this video, who are watching the match going on on the big screen.

This video shared on X has been viewed by more than 60 thousand people. A video has been shared in this video comment. In this, the people of Bangladesh are reacting to India’s defeat. After the defeat of the Indian team, the fans of the entire team including Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli looked disappointed. More than one lakh people had come to watch this match.

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