IND Vs AUS Cricket World Cup 2023 Final Pakistani People Angry At Modi Fans In Pakistan After India Defeat

Pakistan On World Cup 2023 Final: Indian cricket fans are very disappointed after the defeat of the Indian team in the final match of the World Cup. Many fans are still in shock. This defeat is not easy for the fans to digest. However, Pakistani people are very happy with this defeat of India. It is noteworthy that some Pakistani fans were praying for India’s defeat and now after India’s defeat, they are targeting the famous fans of PM Modi in Pakistan.

In a video uploaded on a YouTube channel called Real Entertainment, PM Modi’s ardent fan Adib Ali is telling that Pakistani people are trolling him after India’s defeat. There are personal attacks on him. Adib Ali says that after the bad start of India, people started coming to me and saying negative things about him. I don’t know how people were feeling happy here on India’s defeat.

Pakistani people were sad even with India’s victory

Further Adib Ali says that these same people, when India was winning continuously, were saying that India has bought this World Cup. India is changing the pitch in the middle of the match but now that India has lost, these people are saying that India sold out at the last moment. This world does not allow us to move in any direction.

People are trolling Adeeb

In the viral video, a Pakistani youth comes and says that Adib had raised India on his head, but today he has stopped talking. In response to this, the Modi fan says that the Indian team has played amazing cricket. This defeat is like a shock for us. Adeeb said that if India had won today, celebrations would have been seen all over the world. But it was unfortunate that the match got lost. Today was not his day otherwise I would not have been treated like this in Pakistan.

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