Here people went down to toilet, on the other side jewelery worth Rs 2 crore stolen… burglary in HRTC bus stopped at Mayur Dhaba

Karnal, Jewelery worth Rs 2 crore has been stolen from a Himachal Roadways bus that had stopped for food at Mayur Dhaba near Samana Bahu in Karnal in Haryana. The miscreant ran away from the bus with the bag of the courier company employee. It contained a parcel full of jewelery and its value is said to be between Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 crore. The accused stole the bag and then fled in the car. On this, the employee chased the car with his partner, but the accused did not find anything. At present, a complaint has been given to the police. And a case has been registered and investigation is being done.

According to the information, Khajuwala Prem Kumar of Bikaner district of Rajasthan lives in Sector-44 of Chandigarh. He works in a logistics company. In his complaint to the police, he said that on February 4, he had boarded a Himachal Roadways bus from Delhi with his friend Dhamendra Singh. Dharmendra is a resident of Kachhwa in Rajasthan. He works in JMD Express Logistics Company.

The victim told that both of them had boarded the Himachal Roadways bus at Kashmiri Gate Bus Stand in Delhi. Both were sitting on different seats and they had about 50 to 60 courier parcels. There was a valuable parcel in his bag, which had jewelery inside and its value was around Rs 1.5 to 2 crores.

Here people went down to toilet, on the other side jewelery worth Rs 2 crore stolen... burglary in HRTC bus stopped at Mayur Dhaba

The bus stopped at Mayur Dhaba, theft took place there

Prem has told that his bus had stopped at Mayur Dhaba near Samana Bahu and during this time he got down from the bus and went to the washroom. When we returned, we saw that an unknown boy was stealing our courier bag from the bus. This boy ran away in a car parked on the road outside the dhaba. Two boys were already sitting in this car.

The victim told that while making noise, we also ran after the car, but the car went towards Kurukshetra. Apart from this, a bag from another passenger was also stolen from the bus which had clothes and important documents inside it.

Car caught by police alertness

In the complaint, the victim said that he immediately called dial 112. The police came into action and at the toll ahead, the police surrounded the car from all sides, but the youth left the car and fled from the spot. Some jewelery items have been found in the car and how similar they are will be known only after checking. The police is investigating the matter

The accused will be arrested soon

Investigating officer Sandeep of Butana police station said that a case of bag theft from the bus had come to light at Mayur Dhaba. Three youths have been charged. A case has been registered and investigation has been started. The car has been caught and some items have also been recovered.

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