Google Messages App Receives IMessages Like Update Check Whats New

Google Messages App: Google has given some great updates to its messaging app, Messages, to its users. With a new user interface, the app now offers a fresh and vibrant environment to enhance your conversations. The company has provided the features found in iMessages in Apple’s iPhone in this app. Know what Google has given in some apps.

Photomoji feature

Google has given Android users the facility to extract an object from any photo and share it. This type of feature is available in Apple’s iPhone which is known as Apple Live Sticker. Apart from this, now you can give your reaction to any message through emoji, just like it happens in social media apps.

Voice can change according to mood

Google has also launched voice mood feature for voice messages. With its help, users can send their voice in 9 different moods. For example, if you want to share something in a party mood, you will be able to change the mood of your message after recording it.

screen effect

The company has also added screen effects to the app to change the user experience. When you send some special message to someone through this app, the effect is visible on the entire screen. For example, if you write I love you to someone, a heart emoji will explode on your screen which will make your experience reachable.

Apart from this, the company has also given the custom bubble feature to the users which allows the users to personalize their conversations by modifying the color of the text bubble, background and more. The company wants to rid Android users of the blue and green bubbles and give them the option to customize the chat as per their choice.

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