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Market. Now the prices of vegetables have increased due to rain and snowfall in Himachal Pradesh. tomatoes in the state (Tomato Rates)Garlic and other vegetables (Vegetable Rates) There has been a surge in prices. The price of garlic has increased the most and has crossed Rs 500. Garlic from neighboring states (Garlic Rates) The supply has been affected and due to this the prices have increased.

The administration has fixed the price of garlic in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh at Rs 496. The latest price in the market has reached Rs 500 per kg. Similarly, tomato is being sold at Rs 60 per kg. Apart from tomato, capsicum is being sold at Rs 110, okra at Rs 110, ginger at Rs 150 per kg, peas at Rs 40 per kg, cabbage at Rs 35, carrot at Rs 25, brinjal at Rs 60, gourd at Rs 35, onion at Rs 25 and mushroom at Rs 150 per kg. The supply of vegetables has been hit by the weather. In such a situation the prices are increasing. However, now the weather has cleared and it is expected that the prices may come down.

What does the chairman say?

Sanjeev Guleria, chairman of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) in the market, said that most of the garlic is supplied from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. There has been a reduction in supply. Due to this, the prices of garlic have increased significantly. He told that the supply of garlic from Mandi and Sirmaur in Himachal will start after 10 to 15 days and then the prices will come down. He also told that supplies also come from China, but this time it has not come.

Garlic Rates: Garlic prices crossed Rs 500, tomatoes also became expensive, vegetable prices increased amid rain and snowfall.

There is another reason

One reason behind the increase in the price of garlic is that its production has decreased. At the end of February, new crop of garlic arrives from many parts of the country, but right now the supply is being made from the old crop. Last year the garlic crop was reduced, hence the supply of the old crop has come to a standstill until the arrival of the new crop.

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