First West Nile Virus Death Of The Year Was Reported In Us New Jersey

West Nile Virus: The first death due to West Nile virus fever this year has been recorded in New Jersey, America. The New Jersey Health Department said that the incident occurred on Friday (September 15) in Bergen County. Along with this, six people have been admitted to the hospital due to this disease spread by mosquitoes.

According to the New York Times report, West Nile virus is spreading rapidly in five boroughs of New York – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. According to state officials, more mosquitoes infected with the virus have been identified this year than the five-year average.

So far this year, no death due to West Nile virus has been reported in New York. However, after the death of one person due to West Nile Fever in New Jersey, the administration has become alert and the Health Department has advised people to stay away from them.

West Nile virus is spreading rapidly

As of Friday, 16 cases had been reported across all five boroughs, the majority of which were in Queens, according to the city’s health department. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, West Nile virus is a disease caused by mosquitoes in the summer season, whose effects are seen in America.

According to experts, only one person out of 150 people becomes seriously ill due to this, with symptoms like fever, headache, muscle weakness. Let us tell you that last year, 20 cases of West Nile virus were registered in New Jersey, out of which four proved fatal.

What is West Nile Fever?

Actually, West Nile virus fever is a disease spread by mosquitoes. The Culex species of mosquitoes spread this virus in a person’s blood. When this virus comes in contact with humans from mosquitoes, the person becomes victim of infection. According to the World Health Organization, this virus is mostly found in Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America and West Asia.

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