Even a small scratch is dangerous! Do not ignore at all, this person was saved from death

If there is a scratch somewhere, we ignore it thinking that it is a minor injury, it will heal on its own. But this negligence cost a person dearly. So heavy that his life was saved while dying. The doctors said that if he had been negligent for a few more days, the infection would have spread to the whole body and it would have been difficult to save him.

According to Daily Mail, the matter is of Britain. Jamie Constable, who worked as a carpenter, got a cut on his hand one day. He used to get hurt, because the work itself was like this. Sometimes a tool would fall on the hand and sometimes it would get scratched. Like all of us, this young man of 21 years also ignores every time. But in November 2022, the saw came and fell on his hand. When the mother asked to see the doctor, he refused. Said – it is a small injury, it will heal itself.

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But four days later, Jamie’s sister Catherine noticed that she was vomiting. He was dejected. Didn’t have the courage to get up. His whole arm was swollen. Pus started oozing from it. Jamie was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where after seeing the doctors immediately referred him to a bigger hospital. After examination there, the doctors told that the infection of cellulitis has spread in Jamie’s hand. This is a fatal bacterial infection, which is caused by normal bacteria. These bacteria are present on our and your skin all the time. As soon as there is a wound, they enter. There they start destroying the cells. Because of this, canker is formed.

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Jamie was immediately taken to emergency surgery to remove the infection. Doctors said that if the surgery is not done, then in the next few hours this poison will spread in the whole body and it will be difficult to save Jamie. Jamie said, when I saw the cut, I didn’t really think there was a problem, because it was so small, but now I was fighting for my life. It has caused holes in the hands and fingers, where the ‘infection has destroyed all the tissue’. My ring finger had to be amputated to save my hand and the skin on my thigh had to be scraped off to do a skin graft. It has completely turned my life upside down. I would not want any enemy to have such a disease.

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