Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani Divorce: esha deol bharat takhtani love story actress once slap husband in dating days couple separated after 12 years

Esha Deol-Bharat Takhtani Love Story: Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s daughter Esha Deol is in the headlines for her married life. Isha is separating from her husband Bharat Takhtani after 12 years of marriage. She has informed about her separation from Bharat by sharing a post on social media. Fans are shocked to hear the news of separation of Isha and Bharat. Their favorite couple is now going to separate. The first meeting of Isha and Bharat was very filmy. Their love story was no less than a film story. Many people were inspired by their love story.

Isha and Bharat were school love birds. Their first meeting was during an inter-school competition. Bharat had fallen in love with Isha at first sight. Something similar happened with Isha also. He had written his number on a tissue paper and given it to Bharat. After which the conversation started between the two.

Bharat was slapped hard
Isha and Bharat did not meet much. Both used to talk only on the phone. But once something happened that Bharat was slapped by Isha. Actually Isha and Bharat had gone to meet each other. During this time Bharat tried to hold her hand. Isha felt very bad about Bharat’s words and slapped him hard. He had said to Bharat – How dare you hold my hand. After this the conversation between both of them stopped. Both of them did not talk for about 10 years.

met again like this
Isha and Bharat met once again. Bharat and Isha met at Nigra Falls after 10 years. Meanwhile, Bharat asked Isha if he could hold her hand. After this Isha’s heart melted and she said yes. This friendship turned into love. Then Isha introduced Bharat to Dharmendra. Dharmendra also liked Bharat and with the consent of their families, both of them got married in 2012.

Isha-Bharat are parents of two children
Bharat and Isha have two daughters Radhya and Miraya. Both of them often shared photos with their daughters on social media. But now this couple has decided to separate.

This is why we are separating
The reason behind Bharat and Isha’s separation is Bharat’s extra marital affair. If reports are to be believed, Bharat is dating a girl from Bengaluru. After coming to know about Bharat’s extra marital affair, Isha had decided to separate from him.

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