Does Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI provide funding to Khalistani organizations? Know what is the big revelation

India Canada Tension: Amidst the decline in relations between India and Canada, Pakistan is continuously escalating the issue. In such a situation, Pakistan’s role has also come under question. Many media reports have indicated links between Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and the Khalistani organization in Canada.

Tensions are increasing day by day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged Indian government agents had ‘possible links’ to the killing of Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia in June. In this, Pakistan has added fuel to the fire.

What has Pakistan said on the India-Canada dispute?

Pakistan has described India’s alleged role in Nijjar’s killing as a ‘clear violation of international law and the principle of UN sovereignty’. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch, according to the BBC, said the incident was reckless and irresponsible, raising questions about India’s credibility as a reliable international partner and its claims to increased global responsibilities. 

But there is a question that is arising, that is whether Pakistan is providing food and water to Khalistani organizations? News 18 has quoted Indian intelligence sources as saying that Khalistani elements in Vancouver, Canada are in contact with Pakistan’s ISI agents. "Fund" Taking.

Take money in the name of immigration

Sources reportedly claimed that Khalistani elements take money from Indian students under the guise of ‘migration’ and use that money to protest against the Indian High Commission in Canada.  Outlook has quoted intelligence sources as saying that about five days ago, ISI agents in Canada had met the leaders of several Khalistani organizations in Vancouver. 

According to Outlook, Sikh for Justice (SFJ) chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannun was also present in this meeting. During this meeting, a strategy named ‘Plan-K’ has been prepared, which will be used to carry out anti-India propaganda on a ‘large scale’. 

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