Do you know the difference between a guarantee and a warranty? Most people don’t know, just one thing as soon as you understand…

Well, we all have to buy something or the other on a daily basis, but when an expensive item is bought, it becomes very important to check the manual and the guarantee-warranty card attached to it. If you make any mistake in this, then you may have to face difficulties in the future. Especially it is very important to take care of the guarantee-warranty of machinery or electronic goods.

This is the matter of the need of these two special terms. Now let’s talk about the difference between them, which many people do not know at all. It is also interesting that many people consider guarantee and warranty to be the same. Whereas in reality there is a lot of difference between them, which is important for an aware customer to understand. If you know this, then you will be saved from big expenses. So let’s understand the difference between these two terms.

What is Guarantee?
Guarantee is that facility, which can give you a big benefit in case of damage to your product and loss to the shopkeeper. Yes, if there is a defect in a product, then in case of guarantee, he or the company has to directly replace the product itself. You get a new product in place of a defective product. This is called guarantee and for this a card is available along with the product, in which the guarantee period is also written.

What is the warranty now?
Both the terms sound similar but in reality warranty is different from guarantee. In guarantee only the product is replaced but in warranty the product is not replaced but it is repaired without any charge. There is also a period of warranty and if it gets damaged during this period, then understand that the part of your product will be changed, but you will not have to pay money. Some conditions are written in the guarantee and warranty card, which you have to read properly. In most of the cases the warranty period is 1 year. Sometimes the warranty is on the whole product and sometimes only on some parts, in this case you should understand it properly.

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