Delhi Govt To Introduce One-Time Settlement Scheme For Erroneous Water Bills: Atishi

New Delhi: The AAP government is set to introduce a one-time settlement scheme to address erroneous water bills, aiming to unlock Rs 1,400 crore in revenue for the DJB. , announced Delhi Finance Minister Atishi on Friday, as reported by PTI. During a press conference, Atishi emphasized the problem of inaccurate water bills, often raised by citizens even during public events attended by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

"There are many reasons for the issue. It could be that the meter reader did not go for meter reading or he could not get the correct reading. It could be that one building has 12 flats and he could not gauge which meter is for which flat," she said, as quoted by PTI.

She also highlighted that meter readings were not calculated during the Covid-19 pandemic. "Now, around 40 percent of consumers have not been paying their bills. This is also impacting the revenue of the DJB. The one-time settlement scheme is expected to earn a revenue of around Rs 1,400 crore to DJB. To avail of the scheme, each consumer would require a functional meter. The Delhi Jal Board has passed the scheme in its board meeting," she elaborated.

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According to PTI, Urban Development Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj has directed the proposal to be presented to the Cabinet for approval promptly.< /p>

After Bharadwaj’s confirmation about the proposal, Atishi assured that "It is expected to bring the scheme before the Cabinet within 10 days. After Cabinet approval, consumers will get recast bills from the next billing cycle and will get four months to pay their dues."