Dalljiet Kaur divorce rumors with second husband Nikhil Patel actress drop surname actress in India for father surgery

Dalljiet Kaur: TV actress Daljeet Kaur has removed her husband Nikhil Patel’s surname from her social media handle. Besides, the actress has also deleted all the photos with her husband. Along with this, speculations are being made whether Daljeet Kaur has parted ways with her husband Nikhil Patel.

Divorce of Daljeet Kaur and Nikhil Patel?

Actress Daljeet Kaur surprised everyone by removing her husband’s name from social media. The actress also deleted the photos with her husband. But, no information regarding divorce has been revealed from the actress’ side. Meanwhile, Daljeet’s team has issued an update regarding the actress.

Daljeet came to India

After Daljeet Kaur came into the limelight, the actress’s team has shared the information. Daljeet Kaur’s team told that the actress has currently come to India with her son Jaydon. Daljeet’s team also told the reason for the actress’ return to the country. The actress’s team said that Daljeet has come to India for her father’s surgery.

Daljeet kept silence on Sadhi rumors

Daljeet Kaur’s team did not give any statement regarding the rumors related to the actress’s husband Nikhil Patel. But, it also said that Daljeet does not want to comment on any issue at this time. Daljeet’s team told the reason behind this was his son. The team also said that their son’s privacy should be maintained.

Second marriage with Nikhil Patel

Daljeet Kaur married Nikhil Patel on March 10 in the year 2023. This is Daljeet Kaur’s second marriage. The actress first married ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Shalin Bhanot in 2009. Daljeet got divorced from Shalin after 6 years of marriage.

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