China Xi Jinping Government To Ban Many Types Of Clothes That Hurt Nation Feelings

China: China is bringing a strange law. In fact, clothes that “hurt the sentiments” of the country may soon be declared illegal in China. Under this, people who hurt people are being considered for jail or fine punishment.

According to BBC report, the Standing Committee of the country’s legislature has recently released a draft to amend the law, following which there is speculation. The proposed law states that many types of behavior will be banned, including dress or speech. Which is harmful to the sentiments of the Chinese people and hurts their sentiments.

The punishment will be jail or fine

However, the MPs have not yet clarified what type of clothing will be banned after the new rules are introduced. Along with this, how long will be the punishment for those who do this with the intention of hurting sentiments or how much Yuan fine can be imposed. According to BBC report, after the implementation of this law, those who are caught hurting the sentiments of China through their attire or are found forcing others to wear it, they can be detained for 15 days. And a fine of up to 5,000 yuan (approximately Rs 5,687) can be imposed.

Even before, action has been taken regarding the dress

It is noteworthy that last year in Suzhou city near Shanghai, the police detained a woman because of her dress. Actually, the accused woman was wearing a kimono in public. Let us tell you that Kimono is the national dress of Japan and China has a long standing dispute with Japan regarding Japan’s actions during World War II. In this case, the woman was detained because she was wearing a kimono.

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