Call Recording In IPhone Is Easy With This Device Know Process

iPhone Call recording: Till now call recording could not be done through iPhone, but here we are going to tell you the trick to record call while talking in iPhone. This trick is very easy to use and any iPhone user can use it. If you also want to record calls while talking on iPhone, then here we are telling its details. Let us know about it.

How can I record calls?

A product called Magnetic Snap On Call Recorder is available in the market. With its help, call recording can be done on iPhone. You have to buy this device separately and stick it on the iPhone during a call, through which you can record calls from the iPhone.

It has been developed by Magmo. The company claims that with its help you can record any call. This is a call recording device, which you can attach to the phone. There is a button provided in it, once you turn it on, normal calls and WhatsApp calls coming on your iPhone can also be recorded.

The company claims that they have used Piezo sensor for this, which captures vibrations instead of the phone’s microphone. This device does not require any equipment, nor do you have to pay any money for it. You can use it as an external storage.

magnetic snap on call recorder price

You can listen to the conversation recorded by this device by transferring it to a laptop or any other device. Magnetic Snap On Call Recorder has a storage capacity of 32GB, with the help of which you can record calls for 7 hours in a single charge. Let us tell you that Magnetic Snap on Call Recorder is available for purchase in two color options.

However, its price is quite high. For this you will have to spend approximately Rs 10 thousand. Its black color variant is priced at Rs 9,390, which is listed on the e-commerce site. You can buy the white color option for Rs 11,949.

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