Britain King Charles Cancer diagnosis Astrologer Philosopher Nostradamus 2024 Prediction Resurfaces

King Charles Cancer: The people of Britain have been shocked after King Charles III was diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer. King Charles ascended the throne about 18 months ago after the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. However, it has not yet been revealed in the media reports what kind of cancer he is suffering from.

According to the report of UK Metro, after the news of King Charles’s cancer surfaced, an old prediction made by the 16th century astrologer-philosopher Nostradamus is again in the headlines. Citing predictions from the 1555 book ‘Les Prophéties’ (‘The Prophecies’), the report claims that more than 500 years ago, the French philosopher had said that some time in the future, due to a health shock, For the rule of a British king will be reduced.

‘Such a person would become king whom no one would have expected’

It is written in the paragraph of the book, “The king of the islands will be forcibly removed from his post.” In his place, a person will be installed who will not have any trace of the King.

British author Mario Reading interpreted this paragraph as saying, “In his place, a man who was never expected to become king could be handed over to the throne.”

If predictions are to be believed, King Charles III may be forced to abdicate his throne and his successor may be Prince Harry, who is fifth in line.

These hints were also given regarding former Queen Elizabeth II

The way this matter has unfolded, it seems that the French philosopher had the supernatural ability to predict the fate of the royal family. Earlier, in the predictions made by him, indications were also given that the former Queen of Britain Elizabeth II would breathe her last at the age of 96.

King Charles III’s cancer type not yet confirmed

According to the report, King Charles will remain away from the public for the time being, allegedly due to treatment. However, Buckingham Palace has not yet confirmed the type of cancer that King Charles III has. Some people speculate that he may have prostate cancer. King Charles was admitted to the hospital about 3 days ago.

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