bollywood actor govinda mother became monk after his birth know unknown facts about him

In the 80s, a boy came to Bollywood who explained the concept of comedy-romance to the people. Before him, there were many actors whose style of romance was liked as much as they were known for their comedy timing, but ‘Govinda’ is different. There is such a superstar of Bollywood who is an expert in action, also does romance well and the whole world is crazy about comedy. Still, Govinda’s childhood was full of struggles and he even had to do a japa before coming into films.

Popular Bollywood actor Govinda did many films in the 80s and 90s, which included action, romance and comedy films. Govinda’s life was not easy before coming into films, his father had rejected him at the time of his birth. Although his parents brought him up with lots of love and affection, there was a big reason for his father’s rejection in the initial days. Let us tell you this interesting story related to Govinda’s childhood.

Govinda’s childhood was full of struggle

Govinda’s father Arun Ahuja was an actor and director but due to many flop films, his financial condition had become very bad. According to a report by Jansatta, Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi had told Govinda’s father Arun Ahuja about her retirement even before Govinda was born. When Govinda was born, his father felt that it was because of him that his mother had decided to take retirement. For this reason, he did not adopt Govinda and stayed away from his child for several months. Whereas Govinda’s mother became a Sadhvi and lived separately from her husband to live a virtuous life.

During a show, Govinda had told that for the first few months his father did not take him in his lap but later he took him in his lap and also gave him good upbringing. Govinda got the love of both mother and father and was brought up under their shadow. According to media reports, when Govinda told his mother about becoming a hero, his mother said that if you want to become an actor then chant Gayatri Mantra 25 lakh times. It so happened, Govinda loves his mother very much and he mentioned it many times in his interviews. On the advice of his mother, Govinda chanted Gayatri Mantra 25 lakh times and got a film offer.

For information, let us tell you that in the year 1986, Govinda made his debut with the film Ilzaam. This year his film Love 86 came and it became a superhit. After this, Govinda has done many superhit films like Hatiya, Swarg, Shola Aur Shabnam, Dulhe Raja, Aunty Number 1. Saajan Chale Sasural, Had Kar Di Aapne, Hero Number One, Coolie Number 1, Partner, Bhagam Bhag.

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