BJP Insulted Lord Ram By Saying Party ‘Brought’ Him: Akhilesh Yadav

New Delhi: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday launched a scathing attack on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), accusing them of politicizing religious sentiments and neglecting the welfare of the common people. "BJP insulted Lord Ram by claiming that it brought Ram to the temple in Ayodhya When Lord Ram resides in the heart, then what is the need to take the name? Ram was there earlier too", Yadav said during the budget session in the Legislative Assembly.

He contended that the BJP’s assertion of bringing Lord Ram to the temple insulted the deity and religion itself, emphasizing that Lord Ram had always resided within the hearts of devotees, reported news agency PTI.

Responding to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s pitch for a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in Mathura – his putative birthplace— Yadav said he sees no difference between Ram and Krishna. "We are among the descendants of Lord Krishna. I believe in all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. I see Krishna in Ram and I see Ram in Krishna too… We are from the Pandavas’ side"he said, as per PTI.

Akhilesh Yadav Slams BJP On Spectrum Of Issues

As per PTI, Akhilesh Yadav delved into the state budget, expressing concerns over the allocation of funds. He also mentioned several issues in his speech such as inflation, law and order, unemployment, and farmer distress. He also cited the Governor’s address to say Rs 31,000 crore was spent on beautification of Ayodhya ahead of Ram Temple consecration. The former UP chief minister criticized the big budget presented by the treasury bench, saying it means nothing if the government chooses to spend it covertly, reported PTI.

"The policy of the BJP is not for the common public of the state. It keeps 90 percent of the budget for the 10 percent rich people. And only 10 per cent of the budget for the 90 per cent of the needy people", Akhilesh remarked, as per PTI. Furthermore, Yadav questioned the feasibility and transparency of the state government’s ambitious plans for economic growth, particularly its vision of achieving a USD 1 trillion economy for Uttar Pradesh. He demanded clarity on the roadmap.

Yadav raised objections to the privatization of essential services like education and healthcare. Yadav alleged that 90 per cent of the youth are sitting at home jobless today, and also described the state of law and order in the state. The policy of zero tolerance has become zero in the state, as per PTI.

Responding to the government’s invitation for UP MLAs to visit the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Yadav asserted his intention to visit the temple with his family. but rejected the notion of doing so at the government’s behest. He criticized attempts to politicize religious visits for electoral purposes, advocating for a separation of religion and politics.

Uttar Pradesh Speaker Satish Mahana on Tuesday extended the government’s invitation to all the members to visit the Ram Temple during the assembly. session. 

The Uttar Pradesh government had on Monday presented a Rs 7.36 lakh crore budget for 2024-25 invoking Lord Ram and claiming to prioritize infrastructure development as well as the welfare of women, youth, and farmers. . UP’s Finance Minister Suresh Khanna started his budget speech with a verse from Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas and said that the state government is inspired by the concept of ‘Ram Rajya.’, reported PTI.