Bigg Boss 17 Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan Jawan Actress Ridhi Dogra Talk About Khanzaadi Mental Health | Bigg Boss 17: ‘Jawaan’ actress Riddhi Dogra’s reaction on Khanzadi’s mental health, said

Bigg Boss 17: This time TV celebs and social media stars are making waves in the TV show Bigg Boss 17. Rapper Khanzadi is also seen in the show. But Khanzadi’s health is not good for the last few days. He has been seen getting emotional many times in the house. Khanzadi has also been seen crying bitterly many times regarding her illness. At the same time, now young actress Riddhi Dogra has reacted to this condition of Khanzadi.

Young actress Riddhi Dogra came out in support of Khanzadi
Riddhi has made a tweet on the social media platform Yes. Even if no one else understands this, Khanzadi and his doctor will definitely understand. I saw some clips of Colors TV yesterday which made it seem as if the person was fighting with something.”

At the same time, reactions of users are also coming to light on this tweet of Riddhi. Some are supporting him and some are also against him. A user has commented on the actress’s tweet in support of Khanzadi. The user wrote- ‘Thank you for raising this issue.’ So one user commented and wrote, ‘Yes, something is really troubling him. Colors TV should take this seriously.

Khanzadi was ready to leave the show
Let us tell you that recently, Khanzadi has been seen getting quite emotional while talking about her illness. She also had an argument with Salman Khan regarding this, after which she left Weekend Ka Vaar and sat in the bathroom and cried a lot. After this Khanzadi had also decided to leave the show. However, right now Khanzadi is looking somewhat fine.

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