Bigg Boss 17 Salman Khan Ankita Lokhande Jigna Vora Sana Raees Khan After Navid Sole Elimination These Contestant Nominated This Week

Bigg Boss 17: Naved Sole has been evicted from the house this week in the popular TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. All the housemates have got a big shock due to this shocking mid week elimination in the show. But not only Naved, another contestant will be out of the show this week. The process of elimination is going to take place in the house today, according to which four people are going to be nominated.

This week again one contestant will be out of the show.
The latest promo of the show has come out, in which Bigg Boss has given nomination task to the housemates. All the housemates are seen sitting in two groups in the archive room. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is heard saying that whoever’s name is on the card, his nomination is in your hands. After this, family members of each house are seen nominating each other. Taking Ankita’s name, Rinku says that Ankita has calmed down. Apart from this, Arun and Aishwarya were also seen nominating one contestant each.

The sword of nomination hangs on these five contestants!
However, the names of any nominated contestants have not been revealed in this promo. But according to Bigg Boss fan page Bigg Boss Tak, the contestants on whom the sword of nomination hangs this week are Jigna Vora, Sunny Arya, Ankita Lokhande and Sana Raees Khan. Also, Anurag Dobal is already nominated from Bigg Boss. Now it has to be seen in today’s episode whether these five contestants will actually be nominated.

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