Bhagya Lakshmi Actor Akash Choudhary Reaction On Attack By Fans

Akash Choudhary Reaction: Bhagya Lakshmi fame actor Akash Chaudhary was in the news recently. Recently an incident happened with him, due to which he became very upset. Actually, a fan had tried to attack him. A video had surfaced on social media, in which a fan first gets a photo clicked with him and then hits him by throwing a bottle. After which the actor got nervous. Now Akash Chaudhary has given his reaction on that incident.

Akash reacted

According to the news of Filmibeat, Akash said, ‘Life also has its own ways of testing us. Last Friday I went to dinner with my friends. And that day things became different. There were paparazzi there and I think some fans too, who wanted my attention. I appreciate the love and support. I also give importance to my personal space. I hoped that they would understand that I needed some time to talk to the media before getting photographed together.

Actor who went through traumatic experience

The actor further said, ‘Unfortunately things did not go as per plan. Despite my good intentions, the situation became uncomfortable. And a fan also threw a water bottle at me and hit me. It was a traumatic experience and it took me some time to recover from it. Emotions like shock, anger were running inside me.

The actor further said, ‘The 18 year old boy who was involved in this realized his mistake. He apologized to my publicist. I forgave him.

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