‘Avoid Non-Essential Travel’: India’s Travel Advisory For Nationals In Myanmar Amid Escalating Violence

New Delhi: Amid ongoing violence between anti-junta groups and government forces in Myanmar, India on Tuesday released an advisory where it advised its nationals to refrain from visiting the neighboring country.

It also advised Indians living in Myanmar to register themselves with the Embassy of India in Yangon.

Sharing the advisory on platform essential travel. 

"In view of the evolving security situation in Myanmar, all Indian nationals are advised to avoid non-essential travel. Those already living in Myanmar are advised to take precautions and avoid travel to the regions affected by violence," the advisory read.

Advisory for Indian nationals in Myanmar:https://t.co/oUQxjHz3K3 pic.twitter.com/YkT69hFUwF

— Arindam Bagchi (@MEAIndia) November 21, 2023

Since the current conflict in Myanmar started in 2021, a large number of citizens from the neighboring country have taken refuge in India. According to the UN, the intensified fighting in Myanmar since last month has displaced about 90,000 people, reported PTI.