Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 3 December 2023 Vanraj Says Anupama To Stay Away From Shah House

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is having a lot of fun these days. While Anupama is seen taking care of everyone, many times people are seen making her sad. Something similar is going to happen in today’s episode also. On one hand Bapuji will forget everything. So there will be a fight between Adhik and Pakhi also. Let us know what will happen next…

Pakhi will fight more
In fact, in anger he will tell Pakhi that you are not fit to be a mother, you are sick from inside, I feel sad for you. Hearing this, Pakhi will fall at Adhik’s feet. On the other hand, as soon as Dimpy and Anupama return from the hospital, they will find Vanraj there. While talking to Anupama, he will advise her to stay away from the Shah family.

Vanraj will ask Anupama to stay away from Shah House
Vanraj will say that earlier you had reduced your visits to Shah House on your own. But now I am saying that you should reduce your visits to Shah House a little and also reduce your meetings with Ba Bapuji. Because the more you stay away, the better your relations will be. After this, Kavya will be a little upset after seeing Vanraj and Dimpy. She will tell Vanraj that you did not bring me.

Pakhi will tell the good news
On the other hand, Pakhi will tell a good news as soon as she comes home. As soon as she returns from the hospital, she will hug Anupama and while giving the good news, she will say that the doctor said that she can become a mother through IVF. Anupama will be very happy to hear this. But his happiness would last only for two moments. Because Pakhi will say a bitter thing during this time also. She will say – Are you really happy? Does my happiness matter to you? Hearing this, Anupama will explain to Pakhi and say that she is really happy with his happiness.

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