Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 2 December Dimpi Apologize Titu Paakhi Pakhi Instigate Chhoti Anu Against Anupama

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: New dramas are happening every day in Star Plus’ popular show Anupama. Something similar is going to happen in today’s episode also. In the last episode where Anupama and Anuj taught the influencer a lesson. At the same time, in today’s episode it will be seen that Dimpy will apologize to Titu for Vanraj’s words.

Dimpy will apologize to Titu
On this Titu will tell Dimpy that your family members are also not wrong. After this Titu will praise Dimpy and say that I like you as you are. You should never consider yourself alone. Anupama and Anuj will be in their room at night when little Anu will come into their room and tell both of them that she is scared of a ghost. On the other hand, Dimpy will remember Titu while looking at Samar’s photo. She will think in her mind that Titu is just my friend but she is afraid that I might lose him.”

Vanraj will keep an eye on Dimpy
It will be seen further in the episode that Vanraj is handling the entire Shah house. But in the meantime, instead of dropping Kavya to the clinic, he will drop Dimpy to dance class. Here in Kapadia house, Pakhi will be going to the clinic for second opinion with Adhik when she will come across little Anu. As soon as Pakhi sees him, she will say that after Dimpy’s arrival, mom will forget you. You are adopted.

Pakhi will instigate younger Anu against Anupama
Pakhi will provoke Chhoti Anu a lot and will say that she will leave you to the orphanage. When you can do this to your own daughter then you are adopted. Hearing all this, little Anu will get scared and then she will go to Anupama and ask will you leave me. She will tell that everyone including Malti Devi and Barkha says this to her. Hearing this, Anupama will be filled with anger. She will say that now she will not leave these three