Anupamaa fame Vanraj character play by Sudhanshu Pandey reveal no issue on not getting much screen time compare to Anuj Kapadia and others

Anupamaa fame Sudhanshu Pandey: TV serial Anupama is going through a new twist every day. Anupama and Anuj Kapadia have met in the show after five years. Apart from the lead role of the show, Anupama, the makers also pay attention to all the characters. At the same time, Anupama’s first husband Vanraj is getting less screen time in the show.

Vanraj is getting less space in the show

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey is playing the role of Vanraj in the TV serial Anupama. In the beginning of the show, Vanraj’s character had a lot of screen time along with Anupama’s lead role. At the same time, with the entry of Gaurav Khanna’s character Anuj Kapadia in the show, Sudhanshu Pandey’s screen time has reduced. At the same time, many new characters have been continuously entered in the show.

Sudhanshu Pandey’s reaction on less screen time

Sudhanshu Pandey, who is playing the character of Vanraj in Anupama, has expressed his views about getting less screen time. While talking to Bollywood Life, Sudhanshu Pandey said that he has no complaints. The actor said, ‘I know that this is a daily soap. Makers cannot run the show by focusing on just one character.

no problem with your work

Sudhanshu Pandey said that ‘the story cannot run without Anupama’s character. But, if there is no male character in the show, then the story will become completely flat. The actor said that ‘when the makers make the show from the angle of each character, only then the show is able to run properly.’ Sudhanshu Pandey has no problem with getting less screen space. Sudhanshu believes that focusing on only one character will take away the thrill from the serial.

Sudhanshu Pandey did a lot of work

Sudhanshu Pandey says that he has no insecurity due to getting less space in the show. The actor told that ‘he has worked in many feature films and web series. Besides, Sudhanshu Pandey has also worked in a Hollywood film. The actor believes that he does not have any thoughts for the serial Anupama, which would make him feel insecure.

Many characters of the TV serial Anupama have left the show. The reason behind this could be the less screen time given in the show. Meanwhile, Sudhanshu Pandey, who played the role of Anupama’s first husband Vanraj, has been with the show since the beginning.

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