Anupamaa Before Leaving The Show Samar Revealed About His Relationship With Anupama. Anupamaa: Before leaving the show, Samar revealed about his relationship with Anupama, said

Anupam: Anupama’s Sagar Parekh aka Samar will reportedly leave the show now. The scene of Samar’s death in the latest promo is heart-wrenching. Anupama is the most favorite TV show. This show has remained on the top of the TRP charts ever since it started.

Before leaving the show, Samar revealed about his relationship with Anupama.

Anupama’s beautiful story touched the hearts of the audience. Everyone likes to see the pairing of Anupama and Anuj. However, the recent promo of this show has surprised everyone.

In the promo, we see Anupama congratulating and hugging Samar and Dimpy as they share the news about the pregnancy. Anupama goes to bring safety thread for Samar but he leaves for the party with the people of the show. Later people return with Samar’s dead body. Vanraj then blames Anuj for Samar’s death which leaves Anupama shocked. Fans are angry with the promo because they do not want to see Anupama and Anuj separated again.

Samar’s death is also quite strange. Now it is being said that after showing this death, Sagar Parekh aka Samar will leave the show. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Sagar Parekh said this on his relationship with Rupali Ganguly

Sagar talked about his off-screen relationship with on-screen mother Rupali Ganguly aka Anupama. He said that Samar is closest to Anupama and it is always great to work with Rupali.

He further said that ‘It is a team work and it becomes really comfortable to perform with them. It’s been three years since the show but the energy is still there. This is what inspires us. She doesn’t get tired and that’s what we like.

Sagar Parekh also talked about their off-screen bond. She said that they have a good relationship and she treats him like her son and respects him a lot. Sagar told that Rupali Ganguly gets along well with everyone and has a lot of fun on the sets. Sagar calls their bond a sacred bond and she always speaks her heart.

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