all is not good between mohammad hafeez and pcb says reports

Mohammad Haffez vs PCB: Every day there is an uproar in Pakistan cricket regarding one thing or the other. Recently Pakistan Cricket Board has got a new chairman in the form of Mohsin Naqvi. Now, after assuming the post, news has started coming out that all is not well between Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Team Director Mohammad Hafeez. A war has broken out between the two.

Why war broke out between Mohammad Hafeez and PCB
According to Pakistani media reports, the board has not given permission to Mohammad Hafeez to hold a press conference from the PCB platform. According to the report, Pakistan team’s chief selector Wahab Riaz has also not supported team director Mohammad Hafeez. Actually, Mohammad Hafeez wanted to hold a press conference regarding why Pakistan team lost but he did not get the green signal from the board. In such a situation, there is doubt whether Mohammad Hafeez will continue in his post or not.

Mohammad Hafeez may be on leave
Mohammad Hafeez may have to lose the post of Pakistan cricket team director and head coach. In fact, the new head of Pakistan Cricket Board has always been advocating foreign coaches. In such a situation, Hafeez can be removed and a foreign coach can be appointed again. In such a situation, there will be nothing surprising if Mohammad Hafeez is removed from his post before the T20 World Cup 2024.

Hafeez had complained about Wahab to the Prime Minister
The relationship between Mohammad Hafeez and Wahab Riaz, who played with each other in the Pakistan cricket team, has turned sour. According to reports, in the meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mohammad Hafeez had held Wahab Riaz responsible for Pakistan’s poor performance. In such a situation, problems have increased between the two giants regarding this matter. However, the players of Pakistan cricket team also seem to be angry with the tough attitude of Mohammad Hafeez.

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