AIADMK, BJP Faceoff In Tamil Nadu Over Annamalai’s ‘Derogatory’ Remarks On Ex-CM Annadurai

New Delhi:The AIADMK leaders and Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai engaged in a war of words over the latter’s remark on late Chief Minister CN Annadurai. The BJP leader recently said Annadurai, popularly known as Anna, had made a critical remark against the Hindu faith at an event in Madurai in the 1950s, and was slammed by freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar. Lashing out at Annamalai over his remark, the AIADMK leaders said he deliberately "insulted" Anna and questioned him on his knowledge of the Dravidian stalwart’s life.

Speaking to the media in Coimbatore on Sunday, Annamalai asked whether what he said about Anna was wrong and asserted that he is in politics to protect. Sanatana Dharma and the Tamil culture.

The BJP leader further said that he did not speak ill of Anna and had only mentioned an event wherein Muthuramalinga Thevar had defended Sanatana Dharma.

“ Look at history as history. I am very clear. Nowhere will I belittle anyone. I did not insult or underestimate anyone, anywhere; History should be spoken as it was and if it is not liked (by some people), it’s okay,” PTI quoted Annamalai as saying.

Former Minister and AIADMK Madurai urban district secretary Sellur K. Raju castigated Annamalai over his “derogatory” remarks and said “Anna’s sacrifices should be respected.”

Reacting to Annamalai’s remarks, senior AIADMK leader Shanmugam said he criticized the Dravidian icon even while the AIADMK and BJP are in alliance.< /p>

"Annamalai does not think about seeing the NDA win polls in Tamil Nadu and witnessing PM Modi assume the office of Prime Minister again. The Tamil Nadu BJP chief should be speaking in support of the AIADMK-BJP alliance. Rather than criticizing the DMK, he is targeting the AIADMK which is an ally of the BJP,” PTI quoted Shanmugam as saying.

"What is your motive?" Shanmugam questioned as he noted that Annamalai had also targeted late AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa months back.