Afghanistan Taliban General Washed Away Pakistan Analyst Saying That India Will Put Tarpaulin On The Moon In Viral Twitter X Video

Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations: India and Pakistan became independent at the same time. However, after 77 years of independence, there is a huge difference in the development of both the countries. On one hand, India has reached the moon, while on the other hand, Pakistan is facing economic crisis. Apart from this, Pakistan is troubled by the terrorist attacks being carried out by its neighboring country Afghanistan. Because of this, relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not good. Meanwhile, recently a video is going viral on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), in which Taliban propagandist General Mobeen has taken a jibe at Pakistani analysts.

According to this video, Afghanistan’s Taliban General Mobeen taunted Pakistani analysts and said, “India has reached Mars. Apart from this, India has also reached the Moon. When Ramadan comes, India will pull a tarpaulin on the Moon.” So how will you celebrate Pakistani Eid?” Apart from this, Taliban General Mobeen scolded the Pakistani analysts and said that when the Pakistani Army is not able to fight 1000 to 2000 TTP terrorists, then how will they fight the Afghan Army which is expert in guerrilla techniques?

Afghanistan-China friendship
These days relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not normal. There is a situation of war between the two countries. Recently, there has been an incident of heavy firing between the soldiers of both the armies on the Torkham border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. After this incident, Torkham border was closed. However, after some time, Pakistan came under compulsion and reopened the Torkham border.

Meanwhile, Taliban General Mobin beat up Pakistan fiercely over the success of India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-3. Let us tell you that Taliban has also joined hands with Pakistan’s most trusted friend China. Recently China has planned to invest billions of rupees in Afghanistan.

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