Afghan Embassy: The reason behind the closure of the Afghan Embassy in Delhi is something else…what should we know?

India Afghanistan Relations: Different reasons were given for the closure of the Afghanistan Embassy in Delhi. Sometimes it was said that the embassy was not able to meet its daily expenses and sometimes it was said that it had to be closed because it did not get support from India, but in the report of Economic Times, some other reason has been given for the closure of the embassy. < /p>

According to the news of Economic Times, the reason behind the closure of Afghan embassy in Delhi was not the lack of support from the Indian government but the internal differences among the diplomats of the embassy.

Afghan Embassy in India does not represent Taliban

At present the work of the Afghan Embassy in Delhi is being looked after by the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Mumbai. The consulate represents the ‘Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’, the government which was ousted from power by the Taliban in 2021. The Indian government does not recognize the Taliban government. India says that Afghanistan should have an inclusive government which takes care of the interests of the people. There should be a government that does not allow terrorism to flourish on its soil. 

‘India refused help’

Afghan Ambassador Farid Mamundzai of Afghanistan Embassy in Delhi said that India’s non-cooperation was the reason behind the closure of the embassy. Whereas the Economic Times has claimed in the report that as soon as the Taliban snatched power from the hands of Ashraf Ghani in 2021, 20 Afghan diplomats of India were looking to take refuge in Western countries.

Farid Mamundzai is also living in London. He asked for India’s help in providing shelter to the diplomats abroad, but India refused it, due to which Farid Mamundzai put all the blame on India. Apart from this, many corruption cases are pending against many diplomats like Farid Mamundzai.

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